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Welcome to 
Rattlesnake Mountain
This website is dedicated to the more than 250,000 people
of the Tri-Cities area in the State of Washington's Wine Country:
with nearby West Richland, Burbank, Finley & Benton City.
The website is named for a unique geological feature
located northwest of Richland:  Rattlesnake Mountain
(tallest unforested peak in North America: 3,527 feet above sea level).
Situated in southeastern Washington,
the Tri-Cities are located in the Lower Columbia Basin,
also often referred to as the Mid-Columbia Region. 
Unlike most of the rest of the Evergreen State,
the Tri-Cities is situated in a shrub steppe habitat
and has a semi-arid desert climate (< 7 " annual precipitation). 
Dotted by sagebrush, native wildlife includes coyotes, jackrabbits, elk, deer, raccoons, skunks, cottontail rabbits, steelhead, salmon, and numerous native and migratory birds and waterfowl such as eagles, pelicans, cranes, sage grouse, loggerhead shrike, sage sparrow, sage thrasher, Canada geese, ducks, and raptors.
Surrounding the region are the Horse Heaven Hills to the south,
the Walla Walla Valley and the Blue Mountains to the east,
Yakima Valley & Cascade Mountains to the West, and the Hanford Site, Hanford Reach & Saddle Mountain National Monument, Columbia Basin, and Spokane to the north.
Three major rivers flow through and merge in the Tri-Cities:
Columbia, Snake & Yakima.
The region is home to the  Dept. of Energy's Hanford Site 
and is rich in agribusiness as well as technological advances. 
Home of the Tri-City Americans (Western Hockey League),
Tri-City Dust Devils AAA Baseball Team,
and annual events such as the Columbia Cup Unlimited Hydroplane races, Tri-Cities Water Follies, Hogs N Dogs, Cool Desert Nights, Sausage Fest, Benton County Fair & Horse Heaven Roundup, and First Night. The area offers some of the best school & community sports in the state, hunting, fishing, water sports, biking, ORV park, many city, county, and Corps of Engineer parks, and features a wealth of nearby orchards and wineries.
There are also numerous museums as well as arts & crafts shows,
musical events, and plays.
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Journey With Christ
Crown Financial Ministries
The Walk With Christ
Alpha: Answers to Life
Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF):
Good News Clubs, 5 Day Clubs, CYIA
"Gary & Carol Family History"
Family Information
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Financial Peace:
Dave Ramsey
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